Func10426163_10204162416073342_8222745608467940173_ntional Effect Fitness & Rehabilitation is a well-educated group of fitness specialists that truly understand human anatomy and physiology of the body. With this knowledge they are able to help you reach your fitness goals in a faster and safer way. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!

-Eric Williams


The fitness assistance, direction, and training I receive from Functional Effects is always evolving, adapting, and working specifically towards my needs. I cannot ask anymore from the crew at FE. I rely on them for guidance, and training, whether for basic fitness or for intense training such as preparing for a Triathlon. The staff is friendly and attentive, and it’s a great environment to be in all the time. FE is for everybody. When I first started over 2 years ago, I was far from being fit, but I was never intimated by their programs. I cannot encourage people enough to join FE. You will get a lot of attention, and compassion from everyone.


I always rely on Dr. Reynolds to help me with health related questions from aches and pains, to nutrition. He takes a holistic approach to health and it’s great to work with someone who is incredibly knowledgeable about the body, health, and well-being. Even better his services are so well priced and I always feel I get more than what I pay for.

-Mandy Tanti

Two years ago,  I decided that I desperately wanted to age better than most people I see. I wanted to be able to put on and tie my own shoes, to reach overhead, to stand up tall, etc.  I had recovered from a frozen shoulder the previous year and that required a lot of physical therapy.  My therapist, a very bright and caring woman told me I was not moving well in so many ways.  She was willing to work with me, but the cost of that was prohibitive.

Months before I had seen Sarah at my gym. I was always very impressed with her, so when she told me she had her own gym and was married to a chiropractor who also worked at the gym, I was intrigued!  I kept her card, but did not act on it for several months. Life happened and I stopped working out.

One day I was talking to one of my patients and decided to take my own advice and get active again.    I could get back to my usual gym, but was not impressed with the trainers I saw there. So, I called Sarah and set up my appointment.

I will tell you it has not been an easy journey.  I realized that despite being very active my body was not moving well.  Patterns had been established over time that were now causing me discomfort and even pain.  I could not get up off of the floor without using my arms.  My squats were atrotious! My core was weak!  More than once I was brought to tears as to how hard my brain had to work to understand how to move better!  Without the encouragement of Tyler, Sarah, Andrew, Dave and the rest of the staff, not to mention the other awesome clients, I think I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

So it has been a little over two years, I have gained muscle, improved strength, toned quite a bit, lost some weight  and best of all MOVE BETTER! I quite h13240695_10206891566107498_7595466091982759803_nonestly do not SEE  the changes, but am often told that I look younger than ever 🙂  I do FEEL the change!

It is very difficult to get bored at Functional Effects- my program changes just when I have mastered it, there are regular challenges and the place is just fun! I can interact with others, or zone in my own little world.  FE helps me to take care of all of me, including managing stress, learning how to be more mindful, and give myself a break!

FE has made a difference in my life!  Thank you FE!

-Mary Barton

In truth, for years I mostly thought of my body as that thing that moves my brain around and helps me put nutrition into my food hole. I was self-aware enough to realize it wasn’t a particularly accurate or healthy perspective. So I joined FE about six months ago to get to know my body again: how it works, what it needs, and how to live with it.

I’ve been dragging my feet with this testimonial because it would be so much more satisfying to say my body and attitude have been transformed. In truth, I’ve put on muscle steadily, my percent body fat has improved somewhat, I’m a bit more toned, have better range of motion, improved stamina, and flexibBRANDON-S-GRAHAMility. All good outcomes. It’s been a lot of work so far, with a lot more to do in order to reach my goals.

The good news is Sarah and Tyler have built a great facility meant for the kind of work I need to do. They’ve given me guidance, direction, and a plan to follow. Trainers Andrew and Dave have motivated me, been generous with their time, and genuinely caring (but not so caring I feel uneasy).

The FE community is welcoming. Though, I don’t like people and try to avoid direct eye contact. But that’s fine. It’s the kind of place that most anyone can feel comfortable to come and make steady progress. I kind of love it.

-Brandon Graham


Functional Effect has been great for me. My balance and core strength have been long gone and FE has developed a personal program for me to work on all of my ‘issues.’ The trainers are top-notch and extremely knowledgeable with extensive education and training. This is not a typical fitness center. Each activity is aimed at the individual and their specific needs. Coupled with nutritional consultations, I think I finally am getting on track.


aa2240300-w0oAfter recent knee surgery and going to a typical multi-location physical therapy facility with little success, my daughter recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Reynolds for an evaluation. He is extremely knowledgeable of all types of rehab methods, including traditional and less traditional methods. I definitely am on the mend and my leg pain has decreased considerably. Functional Effect has a definite niche of rehab, fitness and strength training.

-Rita Kula

I began185275_10151232810600590_440205243_n training with Coach Sarah 6 years ago. Coach Sarah, Dr. Tyler, Coach Andrew, and Coach Dave, have taught me so much throughout the years about fitness, nutrition, wellness and mindset. The entire Functional Effect team deeply cares about nothing more than what is best for their clients. We all need someone or something to push us outside of our comfort zone in order to accomplish our goals. Over the past 6 years, the FE team has gone out of its way to work with me on accomplishing goals in and out of the gym, and maintaining a positive mindset through it all. The team at FE has helped me to feel strong and confident, both mentally and physically.

-Katie Trice



FE has shown me that I Can DO It!!!

The Coaches believe in me, when I don’t believe in myself.

-Patricia Lauer



I have always wanted to get back into my true Army form and shape since I was discharged some years ago. I have tried multiple gyms including X-Sport, Lifetime, and my own hospital gym, but as I tried each one, I found myself becoming bored and stagnant in my efforts to get back into that Army form that I was looking for. I was brought along to participate in a group class one day by a work friend and after that one session and my assessment; I knew that Functional Effect was the place for me and the place that could help push me to achieve the goal I set for myself. I have been a part of Functional Effect for the last 1.5 years and I am leaner, stronger, more flexible, and faster than I have been in years. I am close to achieving my long term goal of getting into my old Army form, but would not be anywhere close if it wasn’t for Functional Effect and the work that they have put into me and the work that they inspire me to do each and every day.


I suffered a near fatal accident last October 2015. I survived a high speed car accident to which I collided head on into the middle wall of I-80. I suffered multiple fractures on my sternum, all of my ribs, as well as some pretty severe head injuries. I worked with my doctors and came back to a state where I needed some Rehabilitation work completed to get back into normal day to day life. Although I work for a hospital system and a healthcare15780817_10211949060101425_3837814922617683526_n (1) organization, I still chose to work with Functional Effect because they knew my body type before the accident, knew what my goals were for the Rehabilitation and my long term goals post Rehabilitation, as well as the fact that they were the most friendly and professional group of fitness people I have ever encountered. I worked with Dr. Reynolds, Sarah, Andrew and David for a course of about 2-3 months. I am not only back to my pre-accident form, but more flexible and stronger than before the accident. I am working out at a more frequent and higher pace, my nutrition and workout schedule is a much higher priority than it has ever been, and I finished running a marathon this past fall all because of their Rehabilitation program that they designed specifically for me and my needs, as well as the care and dedication that they showed me each and every day throughout my treatment. I would not be in the amazing shape I am in today if it wasn’t for Functional Effect and the work they guided me through.

-Miguel Vigo IV

I have been working out with FE since January of 2016.  During that time I have gained strength and flexibility and overcome residual injuries that I was workin291524_4197777991412_218824356_og on with PT for the previous 6 months.  I have gained muscle weight and lost fat.  The team at FE worked with me on individual workout plans, food choices, team environment and competition and most of all lots of great encouragement.  Probably the best results from working out with FE has been that my blood work with my thyroid condition has shown that my levels are better than they have been in 10 years, more then what the right medication level has been able to accomplish.

-Melissa Sandy

15085702_10157869900240093_2518348959022955944_nI love FE! It’s not just a place to work out, but a place that feels like a family. I get personal attention in each of my workouts to help me meet my goals as well as instruction in keeping good form so I don’t injure myself. The trainers really listen to me and my needs. They offer many fun challenges throughout the year that include nutritional and mindset guidance and accountability. The trainers really care about each client.

-Nancy Cremer

I’ve worked w1934607_10101176519921644_5690188677250301105_nith several different trainers and while I received good workouts from them, I stay with Functional Effect because I am able to really track my progress. After accessing my functionality, they designed a program specific to me and what I needed to become more functional. I am able to excel at my designed routine and then given a new program with the next progression in developing my strength and function. The trainers are attentive and always available to give guidance on correct form or motivation for that extra push on the last set. I have truly been able to go on MY fitness journey with Functional Effect

-Jackie Winckler

Function10572235_10204223613058144_5688953100939166852_oal Effect has been an awesome experience for me. I came to the gym after I herniated a disk in my lower back. I have trained for years prior and had some success on my own but always hurt myself. Since I’ve been at Functional Effect not only have I had no back pain I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do again. The personal programming I get is top notch. I am always challenged and get to set new limits to my skills. I have also received great diet advice and a new outlook on eating right for life, not for the month. I have taken advantage of the chiropractic care which has renewed my shoulder and helps keep my back healthy. I couldn’t ask for anything more from the gym and it’s staff, who
are always willing to help me out with anything.

-Willie Winckler

When I started working out at Functional Effect, I had almost literally been sitting for two years. I couldn’t do anything around the house without hurting myself. The first time Sarah asked me to do a squat, I looked at her like she had lost her mind. I did one and then another and then another, at first to a tall stool and using stretchy bands to help me get up. Two years later I’m doing squats without any support. I’m lifting 20 lb dumbbells. I’m stronger than I ever was, and my friends have commented about how good I look in a sleeveless top. This gym and its trainers get results.

Meg Kadlec

I trained with Andrew before. Once he left the gym he referred me to use the services at his new location. At this location I met Sarah, Tyler, and Dave who are all inspirational and moving coaches. Even having surgery and lack time after I have accomplished some of my fitness goals (all that I could at this point in time). I cannot wait to come back to the gym. The schedules are nice and organized to where you can get into the swing of things and still get guidance when needed. The environment alone is a home away from home; from clients and coaches. It is easier to stay focused and stay on fitness goals with other clients working in classes as well ( I loveeee the metabolic class!)

-Gina Stone